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Issue 1 …

… is closed out. We’re puttin’ this bad dog on a leash and gettin’ ready to take him out for a walk.

We’re tremendously proud of our first issue, which is only days away from online publication. Our theme, “things we’ve agreed to out of desperation,” or “things to which, out of desperation, we have agreed,” or “stupid shit we’ve done in a hurry for the wrong reasons,” is well represented within the issue, the editors’ contribution to that theme being the issue itself.

We’ll be scheduling a reading within the next few weeks, likely in Long Beach, California, the home of one long-assed beach. So if you’re around and in town and want to get down, get Long Beach-bound, hound. After the reading you can commiserate with the writers and grab some Thai cuisine over at Bai Plu. We’re nice people, even if some of us are a little desperate.

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  1. ranasi

    That bad dog needs a lethal injection.nn1

    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am