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Introductory Burgeoning With Some Swelling Implied

Living free of Facebook. I found myself, too often, logging in so that I could avoid some minor but annoying errand — a rather large percentage of my days. Somehow, too, admiring the pithy, but mostly context-ephemeral mini-missives arcing through my friendcloud began to feel willfully shallow, as did my own motivations for launching personal remarkettes. The 60s gave us Hippies, but the 21st century’s sprouting Quippies, a screen-tanned, bloodshot crew of bullet-thinkers ready to pop off a few one-thought-or-less witcaps just as soon as look atcha. There must be more to filial love than 20 nimble (or not so) words and a photo of your friend with those people at that party for that thing the other night.

Either that or Facebook is a great clarifier and the digital orgy is a boring bash. Well, we’re here and we’re spiking the punch. Putting Facebook away means that now I can focus, and here I am, posting, he of the palest complexion the first to fling his shirt into the bushes and jump into the pool, hoping that my learned colleagues aren’t so mouth-dropped by my snow-white scut that they forget that they’re the ones now stumped naked poolside and with not even an iced drink in their hands to excuse it. Chumps.

Now to the question I will try ever-so-my-best to answer: What is poetry?

It’s stew of the mind and mouth. Next.

What is Entasis? The answer is: we’ll see. At its core, Entasis is the hivemind of four writers from the University of California, Irvine. Beyond its core, Entasis is, at its beginning, their network, nothing less than an elite group of the finest young guns west of the Rockies, and even a few of them east of the Rockies, and probably a few living in or around the Rockies. Clearly the Rockies are meaningless here. What became meaningful for us, though, was realizing that between us honeybees we knew quite a few talented scrawlers whose writing has impressed, or moved, or inspired us at one time or another, and that seeing their work published more often — alongside high quality work from people we’ve yet to meet, i.e., you, possibly, or someone you might find attractive — was an exciting mission to undertake. We’re looking forward to seeing that mission through.

Our first issue is underway — if you’re reading this and you’ve got a piece of poetry or fiction or non-fiction that fits, even obliquely, even transcendentally (well, especially transcendentally) with our theme, “Things we’ve agreed to out of desperation,” then please do submit. We’re looking for writing that’s smart, fresh, maybe wild, maybe a little hot, not poseur-hot, but that’s been through its whole drug phase and really isn’t looking for a new way to get high, just the best way. Of course we have our own ideas and we’ll be sharing them, but we’re willing to be educated. Educate us. Help us burgeon.

Speaking of which, the term ‘entasis’ appears in the OED as ‘A delicate and almost imperceptible swelling in the shaft of a column.’ More specifically, it’s the bulge that’s added to a column in order to make it appear straight. So there you are. The name is out in the open. It’s a word with a beautiful enunciation and a significance that instantly creates its own lurid reductions. Stew of the mind and mouth. Is there a story about why we chose it? Who cares? I could say more.

In closing my inaugural post I’ll quote a little wisdom from Horace: “Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum. / Grata superveniet, quæ non sperabitur hora.” So true. Please do come back, if for no other reason than to discover, in my next post, why I went there. I’ll look forward to sharing the answer to that, and more, with you then.

Peace, love, global cooling,


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