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All submissions for our Inaugural Fall Issue are due by Sept 30, 2010.

Our current response time is approximately one month. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please promptly inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept previously published material. Entasis asks for first serial rights and the right to keep your work in our archives; all other rights revert back to the author after publication.

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Submitting Writing to Entasis

1. Submissions must be sent to  Please title your email “poetry submission”, “fiction submission”. or “non-fiction submission”, accordingly.

2. Submissions should be made by email only, and should be sent in .DOC or .RTF files only.

3. Please do not make multiple submissions in the same genre in the same reading period.  Submission lengths are as follows:

Fiction:  No more than 5,000 words.

Nonfiction:  No more than 5,000 words

Poetry: No more than 5 pages.

4. Feel free to include a brief cover letter.

Submitting Visual Art

Entasis welcomes submissions in many genres of visual art.  Captions, though not required, are helpful where appropriate.

Submissions should be made by email only and should be sent in .JPG or .GIF compression.   Please write ” visual arts submission” in your subject line.

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